Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act



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This site introduces products by affiliate program. An affiliate program is a system on the Internet that introduces products and services by joining business alliance with products and service providers. Therefore, the products of this site are not selling by this site.

Since customer’s requested products, payment, etc. will be dealings directly with the dealer of the link destination, please confirm the link destination for notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law. Price of goods Details of consumption commodity consumption tax Shipping details of stock etc. are sometimes subject to change. Also, regarding the returned / refundable guarantee, the selling agency of the link destination guarantees. Please do not only check this site but also the site of the linked site well. In addition, when you use the information published on this site, we ask that you use it for your judgment and responsibility. Please understand that we can not assume any responsibility on this site.

In addition, inquiries concerning the posted items will be addressed to the company that is on the link destination. Please understand that we can not answer on this site administrator side.