3 Top Public Beaches at Hotel Zone in Cancun (and how to get there)

Cancun beach playa marlin

If you are in Cancun, you HAVE TO enjoy the white sand beautiful Caribbean beach!!!!

However, if you are not staying at luxury hotels with private beach, the access to the Cancun beach is very limited. The only way you enjoy the beach is going to the publich beaches in Cancun.

All the Public beaches are open to everyone, and you can swim and have a rest under the palm trees.. and each beach is unique.

I introduce the three most beautiful and popular public beach in Cancun. I hope it will help the budget travelers to enjoy the breathtaking Caribbean sea!

1. Dolphin Beach

Spanish name: “Playa Delfines”

About Dolphin Beach

Dolphin Beach is located at south middle part of Hotel Zone in Cancun.

It’s one of the most popular beach by locals and there are many people coming here on weekends.

The beach itself is huge enough to offer people plenty of space, so it’s never too crowded and people can enjoy resort atmosphere.

There are free palm beach parasols which everyone can use.

The CANCUN sign is here!

People come here to take a photo in front of CANCUN sign.

It’s one of the best spots to take a photo with Caribbean beach in Cancun. There are always many people lining up for this place, and sometimes you have to wait more than 30 mins.

There is no place to escape from sun when you are waiting, so if you don’t want to wait in line, you can also visit Playa Langosta, Lobster Beach in Cancun.

The CANCUN sign in Playa Langosta is not so popular, so you never have to wait under the sun.

How to go to Dolphin Beach

Dolphin Beach is located near Ruinas El Rey, in Hotel Zone.

By public bus

You can pop on to the local bus R-1 or R-2 from the downtown, and it takes about 40-50 mins.

Let driver know where you want to go (“Playa Delfines”) when you pop on, so the driver can let you know when you get near by.

2. Marlin Beach

Spanish name: “Playa Marlín”

About Marlin Beach

It’s smaller than Dolphin Beach, but it’s very popular among many tourists staying at the hotels in Downtown area.

It’s one of the nearest public beaches you can get from Downtown and it’s surrounded by other luxury hotels.

Marlin Beach is always beautifully shining, and there are free blue beach that parasols everyone can use on the beach. Though there are many people that you can rarely have chance to use..

There is a shopping mall near by!

Marlin Beach is in front of the huge shopping mall called “La Isla.”

If you like to shopping, you can enjoy the Marlin Beach and then go shopping, car, or restaurants for some good seafood dishes!

How to go to Marlin Beach

It’s near Carisma Courts and Tucancun Hotel, and La Isla Shopping mall.

How to get there by bus

You can pop on to R-1 or R-2 public bus from Downtown, and it takes only about 20 to 30 mins.

Let driver know where you want to go (“Playa Marlín”) when you pop on, so the driver can let you know when you get near by.

3. Lobster Beach

Spanish name: “Playa Langosta”

About Lobster Beach

It’s located on the north part of Hotel Zone, so the beach here is a bit different from the beaches on eastern side, like Dolphine beach and Marlin beach.

Lobster beach is very calm and shallow, so I recommend this beach to all the families with small kids.

Cancun beach is, as you know, always with a lot of high waves and it’s a bit dangerous for kids to play. But the beaches on north is very calm so if you are with kids and looking for a public beach, you can visit here Lobster Beach.

Not many people go there, so it’s never too crowded and there are some bars and restaurants to have a rest near this beach.

How to go to Lobster Beach

It’s located near Casa Maya Hotel in north side of Hotel Zone.

How to get there by a but

Pop on to the bus R-1 or R-2 from Downtown, and let the driver know you want to get off at “Casa Maya Hotel.”

Behind this hotel is the Playa Langosta.

It only takes about 10-15 mins from Downtown area!


The 3 best public beaches are:

Playa Delfines – Dolphine beach

Playa Marlín – Marlin beach

Playa Langosta – Lobster beach

I hope you enjoy your stay in Cancun, Mexico!