10 Top Instagrammable Sights in Cancun (My favorites!!)

Hyatt-Ziva beach

Cancun is full of instagrammable sights, and it’s definitely a perfect destination for photography lovers!!

There are many nature landmarks and cultural must-see spots, so you will never be bored in Cancun 🙂 Once you are in Cancun, you will surely get tons of amazing photos to share with your friends and family on SNS.

In this page, I chose 10 top colorful and instagrammable spots in Cancun!

1. Cenote “Dos Ojos”

It is said to be there are more than 4,000 cenotes in Yucatan!

And some of them has a very clear water, which is purified through strata and soil for thousands of years from ancient time.

The visibility of the water in Cenote is over 100m, which make you feel like you see everything so clearly like when you are on the land.

The most beautiful cenote with clear water is “Cenote Dos Ojos,” which is located near Tulum, 2 hours south by bus from Cancun.

There is a place more popular and famous called “Gran Cenote”, but I think Dos Ojos is more beautiful and fun!

There is a huge dorm cave called “bat cave” in Cenote Dos Ojos and you can also enjoy exploring in the unique water caves!

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round. It’s always better to go in the morning.
How to go there Tour or bus+taxi or colectivo(local van)
1.5 hours  from Cancun.
Best for Swim lovers, family


2. Caribbean Beach in Hotel Zone

If you go to Cancun, you can’t just miss going to the beautiful Caribbean beach in Hotel Zone!!

As the name suggests, there are numerous luxury hotels in Hotel Zone and most of the beach are “private beach”.

Of course there are some public beaches you can enjoy even though you are not staying in Hotel Zone. For more info: 3 Top Public Beaches at Hotel Zone in Cancun (and how to get there)

Not many people know, but there is a amazing helicopter tour that you can enjoy the view from the sky up to 400m! It’s breathtaking view will stay in your mind forever and make you come back to Cancun for sure 😉

Usually, helicopter tours are really expensive that only rich people can afford, but in Cancun, it’s much cheaper and you can enjoy the tour from 140 USD/pp.

If you are looking for something special to do in Cancun, it will surely be a perfect experience!!

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round.
How to go there Better to stay at hotels with private beach in Hotel Zone.
Best for Honeymooners, couples, family, everyone!


3. Pink Lagoon Las Coloradas

Pink Lagoon is located in a small village called “Las Coloradas”, and it’s literary a lagoon with natural pink water.

This place became really popular after 2016, when some Instagrammers put the photos of this place and went viral.

Surprisingly, this vivid pink color is totally natural. The water is at least 10 times more saltier than sea water, and it causes the massive microbial generation with sun heat.

You can only see this rare scenery in the dry season, especially between November to March. In summer, it’s difficult to see pink lagoon because the owner of this land pulls out water from the lagoon for collecting salt.

This place is for a salt production, not for a touristic attraction!

There are several other places in the world where people can see pink watered lakes or lagoons, but one travel magazine chose Las Coloradas as “the most beautiful pink lake in the world.”

You might find a better beaches somewhere in the world, but you can only see this pink lagoon here in las Coloradas, and this super unique place is worth visiting for sure!!

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit Dry season (especially the end of November – March)
How to go there Tour or local bus.
For more information : How to go to Pink Lagoon Las Coloradas by Public Bus from Cancun
Best for Unexplored site lovers


4. Cenote Ik-Kil

Cenote Ik-Kil is one of most famous cenotes near Cancun.

It’s located just 1km from Chichen-Itza, and you can visit there after going to Chichen-Itza ruins.It feels really nice to swim there, after sweating so much under the strong sun.

The shape of this cenote is very unique and magnificent, not many cenotes are this much instagrammable. You will feel so calm and it’s really nice to look up the Yucatan jangle from the huge hole and have a rest under the sun floating in the water.

This place provides with changing room, bathroom, and even a buffet  restaurant. It’s a perfect place to stop by, after going to ruins.

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round.
How to go there Next to Chichen Itza.
Tour or bus+taxi
Best for cenoter lovers, family


5. Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island near Cancun, and people can visit there by speed ferry. It only takes 18 mins from Cancun port and you are already in paraiso(paradise)!

At the north side of this island, there is a beach called “Playa North (North beach)”, and this beach is the most beautiful beach around Cancun.

The wave is calm and water is shallow, so it’s safe for little kids, too.

You can also enjoy many street art and sculptures, as this island is also called “Art Island”. People often rent a golf cart, which you can drive without licence, to explore the island.

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round. The north beach gets its most beautiful blue in the morning.
How to go there 18 mins by ferry from 5 ports in Cancun.
For more information : How to go to Isla Mujeres: Ferry time table and ticket price
Best for Island lovers, family with small kids, ones who like laid-back atmosphere


6. MUSA – Underwater Museum of Art

Probably one of the WEIRDEST places in Cancun is here.. MUSA – Underwater Museum of Art.

There are hundreds of statues made of coral reef friendly materials under the sea near Cancun, and this is actually a part of nature conservation program.

It’s fun to see how the sculptures change their looking with erosion of corals, and it also offers a very mysterious scene.

People can visit there by snorkeling tour or diving tour, and it’s located near Isla Mujeres.

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round except for Sep and Oct, as are monsoon season
How to go there Only by tours
Best for Divers, Snorkelors, ones who like mysterious places


7. Tulum (beach side Mayan ruins)

There are many ruins in Mexico, but the one in Tulum is so special and uniquee. In Tulum, you can enjoy both ancient Mayan ruins and a beautiful beach at the same time!

People come here, to see the ruins, and then enjoy the hidden beach under the cliff.

Maybe the former king of this Mayan ruins also enjoyed the sound of waves, and the beauty of Caribbean beach..

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round.
How to go there Tour or by bus. 1.5h from Cancun.
Best for Swimming lovers, adventurous ones, family


8. Samula Cenote

Not many people know about this place, so it’s been a hidden treasure.

Have you watched the Disney movie called “Coco”? It’s Pixar’s new movie of 2018 and this cenote is shown in the movie! After the movie went very popular, more people started to come to this place.

It looks like Cenote Ik-Kil, but it’s roof top hole is much smaller.

At around 12 o’clock, you see amazing view with sun light coming in this cave and it’s literary breathtaking.

You can only visit this place by taxi now, so it’s still a place for limited people.

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round. It’s always better to go around  12 o’clock, as the sun shine comes straight in the hole.
How to go there 10 mins by taxi from Valladrid, a city 2 hours away from Cancun.
Best for “Coco” movie fans, Cenote fans


9. Chichén Itzá (Mayan ruins)

Chichén Itzá is the most important Mayan ruin in Mexico.

If you are interested in a cultural side or history of this country, this is the place to go!! Surrounded by deep jungle, Chichén Itzá is a huge set of ruins that people gets amazed at how sophisticated the Mayan civilization was!

The must-see is the biggest pyramid in the plaza.

The pyramid is perfectly made with very accurate architecture, and it also works as an ancient calendar, which shows the season and days.

You can take really cool photos in the morning with sun rise!

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round
How to go there 2.5-3 hours by bus or car from Cancun
Better to join a tour
Best for History lovers, Ruin lovers, Who want to know the ancient Maya culture


10. Hyatt Design Hotels

There are more than 100 hotels in Cancun, and some of them are with really beautiful architecture.

Especially the two Hyatt hotels in Cancun, “Hyatt Zilala” and “Hyatt Ziva” are so unique.

I stayed at both hotels and I really liked both, but I think my favorite is “Hyatt Ziva,” with the contemporary taste influenced by famous modern architect like Luis Barragán and Ricardo Legorreta.

Hyatt Ziva

hyatt ziva rooftop Hyatt-Ziva lobby


Hyatt Zilala

Hyatt-Zilala room Hyatt-Zilala

There are instagrammable spots inside and outside the hotel!

Instagrammable Rate
Best time to visit All year round.
How to go there In Hotel Zone.
20-30mins from Cancun Air Port
Best for ・Hyatt Ziva: For Family
・Hyatt Zilala: For couple and honeymoon


A Summary

So, I introduced following 10 sights:

  1. Cenote “Dos Ojos”
  2. Caribbean Beach in Hotel Zone
  3. Pink Lagoon Las Coloradas
  4. Cenote Ik-Kil
  5. Isla Mujeres
  6. MUSA – Underwater Museum of Art
  7. Tulum (beach side Mayan ruins)
  8. Samula Cenote
  9. Chichén Itzá (Mayan ruins)
  10. Hyatt Design Hotels

Mexico is always with lots of colors and beautiful places.

Take lots of pictures, and I hope you enjoy your stay in Cancun!!