How to go to Isla Mujeres: Ferry time table and ticket price


In this page, you will find the way to go to Isla Mujeres!

Isla Mujeres is a beautifu island near Cancun. You can enjoy a amazing white sand beach, as well as street art and ruins!

What is Isla Mujeres?

Isla Mujeres, which means “Lady’s Island,” is named by the worship of Mayan Lady-god in this island.

The island has the most beautiful Caribbean beach around Cancun, and it’s more laid-back than Cancun hotel zone.

How to go to Isla Mujeres


You have to take a ferry to go to isla Mujeres.

There are 4 ports where you can take a ferry to Isla Mujeres, and the ticket price and time table is differ in each ferry company.

If you are staing in Hotel Zone

There is a company called “UtraMar,” and this company runs speed ferry from three ports in Hotel Zone.

The ferry provides with toilet, AC, and small shops and it’s very conformable.

The all three ports are located on the north side of Hotel Zone, and you have to take a taxi or public bus (#R1 or R2) to get there.

The three ports are as follows:

  • Playa Tortugas
  • El Embarcadero
  • Playa Caracol

Check with the map:

Ticket Price

The ferry ticket price is as follows:

  • Adult: One-way:14USD, Round-trip:19USD
  • Children: One-way:8US, Round-trip:14USD

Children price is applied to the kids with under 120cm (About 4 feet) tall.

Time Table

Playa Tortugas(12 trips/day)

EL Embarcadero(9 trips/day)

Playa Caracol(6 trips/day)

※becareful if you go from Playa Caracol, because it finishes very early

If you want to check the official data, you can go and check TIME TABLE:ULTRA MAR OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

How to go to each ferry port from hotel

By local bus

You can take a public bus #R1 or #R2, which runs frequently in the hotel zone.The price is 12 pesos/person, and yo pay by cash to driver.

Let the driver tell where you want to go, so he/she can tell you when the bus get near by.

By Taxi

You can ask the hotel doorman for a taxi. The price depends on where you stay, but it’s going to be about 10-15 USD per taxi.

“Puerto Juarez” in Downtown Area

If you are staying in Downtown area in Cancun, you have a cheaper option.

Yo can go to “Puerto Juarez“, another port in Downtown area. This port offers more ferries than other ports in Hotel Zone, and mainly used by locals.

The ferry between Puerto Juarez and isla Mujeres runs from from very early morning to until 11:30pm or 12:00am, so if you want to stay longer time in Isla Mujeres, it’s better to use this port.

The ferry runs every 30 mins so you don’t have to worry about the time table or schedule.

You can come to this port if you missed the ferry at other ports, too. It might be faster coming to this port than waiting at the other ports.

Where is Puerto Juarez?

Puerto Juarez is located:

So it’s a bit far from Hotel Zone.

How to go to Puerto Juarez

From Hotel Zone

If you are staying at Hotel Zone,  I really recommend you to use the ports in Hotel Zone, as it’s easier to access.

Taxi is easy, but if you want to use a public transportation, you have to change a bus at centro fo Downtown, if you wish to go by a public bus.

From Downtown

You can go to Puerto Juarez by taxi or a local bus.

Taxi only costs about 8-10 USD, so it’s good if you are with someone to share.

If you want to go by a public bus, you take a bus #R1, with the “Puerto Juarez” sign written in front. It costs 12 pesos per person and you can find the buses around ADO bus station.

2 Ferry companies in Puerto Juarez

There are following two companies in Puerto Juarez.

  • Gran Puerto
  • Terminal Maritima Puerto Juarez

They are both in Puerto Juarez, but leaves from different port.

Gran Puerto(South) UrtraMar
(For tourists)
Puerto Juarez(North) Magaña Express
(For locals)

The two ports are only 600m apart and you can walk, but 7 mins walking under the strong sun may kill you.

You better know which terminal you want to go, and get off the bus or taxi in front of where you want to go.

UtraMar’s Ferry(at Gran Puerto)

UltraMar ferry is also available here from south port “Gran Puerto.”

Ticket Price

The same as the ones in other three ports in Hotel Zone.

  • Adult: One-way:14USD, Round-trip:19USD
  • Children: One-way:8US, Round-trip:14USD

Time Table

More frequent than the ports in Hotel Zone.

The time table may be changed, so check TIME TABLE:ULTRA MAR OFFICIAL WEBSITE for a recent info.

Ferry for Locals(The cheapest)

If you want to save money and go to Isla Mujeres cheaper, you can take the ferry for locals with no problem.

It only costs a half the price of UrtlaMar.

Recommended for backpackers and budget travelers!

Magaña Express(Terminal Martima Puerto Juarez)

The cheapest ferry is run by the company called “Magaña Express,” and departs from “Terminal Martima Puerto Juarez”.

Ticket Price

  • One-way:80 pesos
  • Round-Ticket:160 pesos

It’s better to but an One-Way ticket, as you might lose the return ticket. You can but it at the port in Isla Mujeres.

Time Table

It runs every 30 mins from 5:30am to 8:30pm. After 8:30, it still runs every hour and the final ferry will be at 11:30pm.

Children Price and Luggage

Children’s Price

  • Under 1 year old: FREE
  • Children under 120cm (4 feet): Discounted Price


You can bring your 1 luggage for free.

It needs to be under 25 kgs, with a total size of less than 142cm (45 cm + 70 cm + 27 cm).

Besides you can bring your small backpack or bag to the ferry seat.

A Summary


There are many companies offering optional tours to Isla Mujeres, but I recommend going to the island by ferry.

You can save so much money, by using ferry!

UltraMar’s ferry is departing from three ports in Hotel Zone, and the cheapest way is the ferry run by Magaña Express in Puerto Juarez in Downtown.

I hope it helps the people going to Isla Mujeres..have a nice trip!


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