How to rent a golf-cart in Isla Mujeres (cheapest company info)


If you are going to Isla Mujeres, it’s the best to travel inside the island by a GOLF CART.

Isla Mujeres is a small island and it’s only 8 kms if you go around the island. Half a day is enough to explore the landmarks in Isla Mujeres.

A golf cart is the best way to explore Isla Mujeres

There are many places to see in  Isla Mujeres.

Most of the places can be reached by foot, but if you rent a golf cart, you can reach even more places!

Places you can go by foot

You don’t need a golf cart for the folowing places:

  • Playa Norte(North beach)
  • Public cemetery
  • Street Art


The places you can go by gold cart

You can only get to the following places by golf cart:

  • South Cape
  • Garden of Sculptures
  • Shell House
  • Public cemetery by the sea

And there are even more, like snorkeling spots, Turtle labo, observatory, etc.

Do you need an international licence to drive a golf cart? / Nop!

One of the most frequently asked questions is if people need international drivers licence to drive golf cart.. and the answer is NO you don’t!

You only need a passport or ID as a deposit.

When a rent a golf cart in Isla Mujeres in Sep. 2018, I only needed a passport.

but you need to bring an original passport or original drivers licence issued in your country, NOT a copy. It needs to be something very important for you, to be a deposit. Maybe you can pay cash as a deposit, too.

The price of golf cart

The price of golf cart is getting higher and higher, year by year.

When I was looking for a place to rent a golf cart in Sep. 2018, I found the cheapest they offer is 800 pesos for 1 day.

Few years ago I remember it was only 500-600 pesos, but you can never find that price anymore. It’s getting very expensive.

I asked a local and he said probably the cheapest you can find is 700-800 after 2018.

This price include the gas and everything, so you don’t need to pay extra money.

Gold cart rental company

My friend recommended us to go to “GOMAR-Ⅱ,” which is about 10 mins walk from the port.

This place offers 1day plan for 800 pesos.

There are always many people waiting in line to get a golf cart, so we didn’t use this company. Instead, we went a bit farther and found a company called “Cardenas”, which is with less people.

The price is as is shown in the photo:

  • 1HORA(1h)300 pesos
  • 2HORAS(2h)500 pesos
  • Todo el Dia(1day:9:00pm-5:00pm)800 pesos
  • 24HORAS(24h)1200 pesos

I don’t recommend 1HORA or 2HORAS, because you will be in hurry all the way exploring in the island. I think 1day is the best.

Map of Cardenas:

The rate of Google review is not very good..

Maybe it’s more safe to go to GOMAR-Ⅱ, as they offer the plans for the same prices.

There are other companies like:

(You can check the location on google map by clicking the links)

Do you need a reservation for gold cart?

NO, you don’t need a reservation.

There are prenty of companies and golf carts in the island and most of the companies don’t accept bookings.

You can rent with no problem after you arrive the island.

There are some people asking you to rent a golf cart at their company on the ferry, so you can ask them how much, and if you decide to rent from them, they show you the way to the company after you get on the island.

It’s better to go with them, if you don’t wank to walk around the island to look for the golf cart and waste time. …It wouldn’t take much time tho.

How to drive a gold cart

There are some photos to show you how to drive a golf cart.

It’s simple and easy, so if you have pass the exam of driving licence, you wouldn’t have any problem.

So this is the golf cart we rent.


You use the key.


You make sure that the gear is in N(neutral).

Id you want to go forward, put the gear in F. And if you want to back, in R.



Then you check the accelerator and brake pedal.

The “STOP” sign is brake pedal, and “GO” sign is an accelerator.


It’s “left handle” in Mexico. The same as the US.


The way to every place on island is simple.

You can park for free.

All the golf cart look similar, so you need to remember your gold cart#. And don’t leave anything on the golf cart!

4 things to know before you use golf cart

1. Left handle

If you are from Canada or the US, it’s no problem.

If you are from the right handle countries, like Japan, Singapore, England, you have to be careful not to drive like in your country.

2. Rounded Intersection

You always have to go to RIGHT to go to any directions at rounded intersection.

Even though you want to go to left side, calm down and you go by first turning to right.

3. There are MANY one-way

Most of the streets in centro of isla Mujeres is one-way, so you really get confused sometimes.

And the sign of one-way is really hard to recognize, so you always have to check if you really can go to that way on each street.

4. Don’t run or park by the cliff

Every year, few golf cart fall off the cliff while parked.

The erosion is quite a problem in Isla Mujeres. Nobody knows when the cliff falls off. it’s better to stay away from the cliff and to avoid parking there, also.

Safe drive, and safe parking!


I hope this blog helps someone looking for an information about golf cart rental in isla Mujeres.